LifeLine International Launches Global Campaign to Decriminalise Suicide

On Monday at Australia House in London, LifeLine Internationa launched our new global campaign.

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October 23: On Monday at Australia House in London, LifeLine International, alongside our Members, launched our new global campaign: Decriminalise Suicide Worldwide.

Today, 1.2 billion people worldwide live in a jurisdiction where suicide remains a crime, or where its legal status remains unclear. Our new campaign is the start of a global movement that will work to change laws that negatively impact people in a crisis, breaking down stigma and barriers to help-seeking, and helping create a worldwide network of crisis support services.

At LifeLine International we believe that everyone, regardless of where they are in the world, deserves support and compassion during their darkest moments. This campaign is a powerful step towards ensuring that individuals in crisis receive the help they need, without fear of legal repercussions.

The Key to Our Campaign: Two Digital Platforms

Our campaign is founded on two key digital platforms that connect and empower individuals and organisations who want to participate in our global movement for change.

  1. – The Community Campaign Platform for Supporters of Change: This platform is designed for individuals who wish to engage with our cause as supporters of change. It’s a hub for raising awareness and supporting the cause.
  2.– The Knowledge Management Platform for Actors for Change: This platform is for those who have the capacity and desire to contribute on the ground, in countries where suicide is either a crime or the laws remain unknown. It offers tools, guides, information and data, and a localised microsite, providing a space for actors to network, engage in advocacy and awareness, and build the momentum for change.

Join the Movement

We invite you to join our global community of change-makers as we embark on this critical mission. Mental health and suicide prevention are universal human rights. Decriminalisation stands in the way of this truth. By uniting on these digital platforms, we can make a meaningful impact, remove barriers, create more crisis support services and save lives.

As our President, Justin Chase, said at our launch, “We’ve got to get to work.” Together, we can work towards a world where laws no longer criminalise suicide, and where everyone, everywhere, is supported in times of crisis. Because we believe, fundamentally, that suicide can be prevented.

Learn more and become a part of the movement by visiting: Decriminalise Suicide Worldwide.

Stay informed

We’re currently gathering stories from those who have been affected by these inhumane laws. Stay up-to-date on the global movement and help us make a difference.

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